Requesting Plans and Documents

Building control files are not routinely open to members of the general public. CNC Building control will however make plans submitted for Building Regulation purposes available to the public for inspection when the person wishing to view the plans has a proper legal interest.

This will normally be the current owner of the property who must demonstrate that the property is in their ownership. If someone is acting on behalf of the current owner a letter of consent must be provided.

Note: “Plans” include documents and information submitted as a part of the application

For all requests for viewing, or information from, the file please can you fill in the “access to file form” (Click the download button) Download and then once completed please send to along with proof of ownership or a consent letter/email.


Some documents are protected by copyright. Please note that if intellectual property rights are infringed the owner can seek damages or an injunction against you (not the council) to prevent further infringements