Frequently Asked Questions

Garages and Garden Developments

I’m looking to convert my garage to a habitable room. What do I need to do?

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I need some advice on if I can submit a Building Notice for my work?

A building notice is intended for simple domestic building work and assumes that the applicant/builder is fully conversant with the requirements of the Building Regulations for the proposed project.


A Building Notice cannot be used where


When a Building Notice is used, the form must be accompanied by the appropriate Building Notice fee, block plan and a location plan if the work involves a new building or extension.

Do I need permission to build or alter a garden wall or boundary wall?

No, permission is not needed to build or alter a garden wall, however make sure that work is completed safely to avoid accidents. you may also need to obtain planning permission and we advise you to contact your local Planning Authority.

Do I need permission to build a garage extension onto my home?

Yes you do require permission to build a garage onto your home however a carport extension, open on at least two sides and less than 30m2 in floor area, is exempt. You should ensure a carport does not interfere with the proper working of a low-level flue outlet from an oil or gas appliance.