What work is exempt from Building Regulations?

Whilst most building work requires Building Regulations approval, there is some work that is exempt and does not require an application or inspections. The most common exemptions are:


Any single storey building under 30m2 floor area, that is not used for sleeping and is at least 1 metre from any boundary if built of combustible material.  If the floor area of the building is kept under 15m2 then it can be built within 1m of the boundary.


A conservatory, porch, covered way or carport open on at least two sides providing the floor area does not exceed 30m2.

The conservatory should have a translucent roof, be substantially glazed, be thermally separated from the rest of the building and either unheated or have heating that is independent to that in the main building.

It is considered that the size of the porch should be in proportion to that of the main building, should be thermally separated from the main building and usually covering a front or rear door only. It should not be used as a habitable room.

Any glazing should meet the requirements in respect safety glazing.

The above exempt buildings may also need to meet the requirements of Part G (cold/hot water supply) and Part P (electrics)

More information regarding exempt buildings can be found at:



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