Advice and Guidance on related facets

Working to a budget is something that applies to virtually every project. As such, one of the biggest frustrations can be unknown or added expenditure for additional required reports or tests.

As part of our service to you, we are able to advise at an early stage on ALL the additional things you will require on your project and even put you in touch with people who can carry these out for you.

By having all the correct information at your disposal, you are then able to look and decide upon the best course of action for you.

As examples, a new build house will require a SAP/EPC energy report, an air test and possibly acoustic testing. You may also want to look at obtaining a warranty on the build.

Equally, for larger commercial projects you may require a Commercial energy report (SBEM) or a fire strategy report.

We can offer advice and guidance on all types of reporting or testing that you may need, even from before you commence your build (land contamination or archaeological reports).

If you would like advice or guidance please email