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Office closure on 20 December 2016


Now booking next day site inspections

Now booking next day site inspections

Our site inspections process is currently undergoing some positive and proactive changes, designed to promote efficiency, improve the customer experience and make best use of resources.   As part of this change we are asking that all site inspections are booked by 4.00 pm the day before the inspection is required.

This “same day” to “next day” change will help accommodate a greater number of inspections per day, be able to offer early morning visits and reduce waiting times.  The changes are designed to provide a more positive and efficient service to all our customers.


We will still be able to provide the approximate time the Surveyor will be with you if you give us a call after 10:00am on the morning of the visit.   Alternatively you can make a request for our surveyor to give you a call or text 30 minutes before their arrival time on site.  Please take into account the telephone reception in some remote areas may be limited.


Inspections can be booked by telephone or online.


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