Guide to reroofing conservatories and porches

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Guide to reroofing conservatories and porches

Guide to reroofing conservatories and porches

If you are planning to re-roof an existing conservatory with a solid non-translucent roof then Building Regulations are required. Building Regulations conservatories and porches are traditionally lightweight and not generally designed to carry the weight of a solid roof; changing the roofs structure would mean a real possibility of movement or even collapse especially when additional wind and snow loads are added.

There are several ways to reroofing an existing structure on the market. One way is to wrap a new roof over and under the existing roofing system. However, this method is most likely to overstress the existing roof and wall structure and great care is needed. If the roof is an existing polycarbonate roof it is very unlikely this method can be done safely and you should not commit to any expense until you are satisfied that it will be safe and effective. This method also has the potential to introduce a condensation problem which will inevitably occur if plasterboard is applied to the underside of the existing roof with little or no insulation above it.

So if you are offered this solution, you should make sure the company quoting to complete the work can ensure the stability of the structure with the increased loading  and that both you and the building control team are satisfied with the structure’s adequacy.

Other methods may require the existing roof to be removed and replaced. These new roofs should be supported by reinforced eave beams that transfer the additional weight, either through vertical supports within the existing windows, or by new columns introduced either inside or outside of the structure. It is important to ensure that existing foundations can carry this weight so a trail hole may be needed to check these are adequate.

CNC Building Control are working in partnership with Pyramid Windows (East Anglia) Ltd, who manufacture and install the LABC registered detail Guardian roofing systems in the Eastern Region. Each application will be checked by us for structural and thermal compliance and our surveyors will visit to ensure the work is installed properly and in compliance with Building Regulations giving you complete confidence in the work. Details of the Registered Detail certification scheme can be found at: www.labc/registereddetails.

Remember any company visiting your property to quote for this type of work should be able to reassure you they can provide you with a building control completion certificate. This will be needed if you sell your property.Conservatory.JPG