CNC storm into action

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Office closure on 20 December 2016


CNC storm into action

CNC storm into action

Following the recent severe weather, our duty surveyors have been working hard to manage the increase in call outs. Luckily none of these were for severe damage and they were all handled very quickly.

The majority of calls were for fallen trees and the associated property damage, but we also received calls about fallen chimney stacks, damaged brickwork and broken fencing. We were also on hand at Nando’s in King’s Lynn where render was falling from the building onto the street below. This was dealt with quickly, causing minimal disruption to King’s Lynn Mart, which was taking place over the weekend.

In fact, we are pleased to say that we have already followed up all the building related call outs and they are all now under repair.

If your property has received damage, or a tree has fallen onto your property, you should contact your insurance company. If you are concerned about damage to a property and think it might be unsafe, please contact us for information and advice.