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Best practice for loft conversions

Best practice for loft conversions

Loft conversions often prove to be fraught with difficulties…….

Not least how you ensure the safety of occupants in the event of fire. To help resolve this dilemma LABC has recently produced a Best Practice guide on key issues to consider on fire safety when converting a traditional 2 storey house by the addition of a lots that contains no more than 2 bedrooms.

The guide offers 4 possible approaches. Each dependant on the design and layout of the existing dwelling. Of key importance is to ensure the escape route for people is maintained for sufficient time to permit safe escape, the guide recognises there may be occasions when a more sophisticated approach could work which may require a fire engineered solution.

In all cases where you want to move away from a fully protected fire resistant stairway to an external door you are advised to talk it over with a building control surveyor.

For those who want to take a closer look at possible ways to comply with the regulations view the LABC Best Practice note “Loft conversions in two storey houses” on the LABC website  here, or use the CNC Building Control Website FAQ’s section.

April 2012